Yes! When it comes to exercising with your own body weight, rings are the most useful tool. Here are the reasons why and how they benefit you. office Trees, steel, beams, laundry, poles, and a variety of other objects can all be adorned with rings.

They can set as a pull-up bar

They are quick to set up, easily adjustable, and portable. Because of the variable height adjustment, you can train both push and pull exercises, making them suitable for pull-ups and push-ups, for example. You can even set the two rings on different heights and widths, and they can be moved independently, which has many benefits for coordination and stabilization.


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Rings are not fixed and can give an increased proprioceptive component to your workout.

As a result, exercises with no proprioceptive component can be trained in a proprioceptive manner and stimulate the deep muscles more than the same exercise on rigid bars. Furthermore, the higher tension caused by the stabilization provides an increased intensity and can set a new unusual training stimulus. On the other hand, you can shorten the lever to reduce the intensity of certain exercises.


  • Iron Cross rings 

It can be used not only for push and pull exercises, but also for leg and core training. Another big advantage is that it’s possible to change the grip position during an exercise, which can make exercises more effective and sometimes specific muscles can be stimulated better. Because of the mobility, it’s also possible that specific muscles can be stimulated better.


  • Reversed pullover

Even for advanced athletes, these tasks are impossible or can only be completed with a great deal of coordination. I recommend using rings in your training from time to time because the benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks.


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